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David Jackson: Lullaby / Out 29/03/2019

David Jackson: Lullaby / Out 29/03/2019

Welcome to another Split EP. „Anamorphosis“ by Darin Epsilon and Marc DePulse and David Jackson. Pre-Order here: https://bit.ly/2bozFVU / Subscribe: https://bit.ly/2HYtDj0 Sign Up here: http://katermukke.info/ comes along with powerful and high synths which are building the framework of the dreamy song. With the fusion of natural drums in the background, smooth but demanding synths and light atmos are Marc DePulse and Darin Epsilon sending the audience on a mellow journey […]


Christopher Schwarzwalder - Hope

Christopher Schwarzwalder – Hope

Welcome back Mister Chris Schwarzwälder on Katermukke with his release "New Beginning". Get it here: https://bit.ly/2SYtMWH It's like a bridge between Deep Tech on the dance floor and laid back tripping in an unknown world. The Berlin based producer and DJ is traveling from desert to desert, from beach to beach and knows how to fill the dance floors around the world with magic. It is not only about clubbing […]


Dirty Doering - Monday Only

Dirty Doering – Monday Only

"Monday Only" is taken from "Euch die Uhren uns die Zeit" album on Katermukke. Get it here: https://bit.ly/2CvjOYE Time is considered to be our most valuable good. Time is limited and there's no way additional time can be bought, no matter what the price would be. Therefore those are to be considered rich who've got plenty of time and do know how, and what, to spend their time on in […]


Dirty Doering: If I Could I Would

Dirty Doering: If I Could I Would

This is for those who do not understand the real value of time. Those who don't have to live their lives adjusted to the rhythm of a check clock, those not bound to an everlasting cycle of appointments and due dates Get the full album here: https://bit.ly/2CvjOYE


Florian Kruse & Raphael Hofman - Soulmates

Florian Kruse & Raphael Hofman – Soulmates

OUT NOW! Download: http://bit.ly/2Y0TPhl / Stream: https://spoti.fi/2Gjxky7 Florian Kruse & Raphael Hofmann are back on Katermukke. ‚Soulmates‘ is the name of the EP and the first Track. It has hissing and noisy percussions, voluminous playful keys and a vigorous but soft kick. All these harsh and gentle sounds scapes are coming together to build a determined track having a perky flavour. With ‚0303’ they made a hypnotic piece of music. […]


Matchy: Irreversible / Out 12.07.2019

Matchy: Irreversible / Out 12.07.2019

‚Conjunction Anto' is the Name of the newest split EP by Matchy and Kostakis, coming out mid July on Katermukke. Pre-Order here: http://bit.ly/2XMw4NQ The combination of the four pieces behaves like the four elements fire, air, earth and water. The fierce ‚Conjunction' resembles fire with its drive, the trance flavoured synths and the pinch of acid. Air is represented by ‚Irreversible' because the slowly in and out fading sounds and […]