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Dirty Doering – Monday Only

"Monday Only" is taken from "Euch die Uhren uns die Zeit" album on Katermukke.
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Time is considered to be our most valuable good. Time is limited and there’s no way additional time can be bought, no matter what the price would be. Therefore those are to be considered rich who’ve got plenty of time and do know how, and what, to spend their time on in a reasonable way. Those who don’t have to live their lives adjusted to the rhythm of a check clock, those not bound to an everlasting cycle of appointments and due dates, and especially those who don’t feel like their personal time is taken away from them by the hour but – just in an opposite manner – that time is given to them to use it in the best possible way ever. This comes down to: getting rid of the strict regime installed upon us by watches. These are for those who do not understand the real value of time.