Rhythm Prism


AKA AKA, the Berlin-based house music duo, embodies the profound influence of trust in their quest for creative expression. The serendipitous meeting between Hannes, hailing from a small German town, and Holger, a native of another distant corner within the country, transpired at one of those legendary Berlin park parties in 2008 which ignited an immediate connection and marked the genesis of their synergistic odyssey. Their musical voyage took flight with their inaugural track “Woody Woodpecer”, released on the esteemed Stil vor Talent label. Renowned DJs quickly rallied behind their music, characterized by infectious grooves and minimalist aesthetics. Only a year later in 2009, AKA AKA took a momentous step forward by establishing their own label, Burlesque Musique, as an escape from the pressures of the industry. The imprint transformed into a sanctuary for unrestricted imagination and a kaleidoscope of eclectic electronic sounds, drawing inspiration from swing, Balkan influences, and funk. Alongside their own releases, the label blossomed into a platform for nurturing emerging talents which was bolstered by their regular label parties all around Berlin and Germany.

The dynamic of AKA AKA experienced a transformative twist when trumpeter Thalstroem joined the duo, adding a fresh dimension to their sound. The trio’s synergistic efforts culminated
in the release of their acclaimed debut album, “Variet√©,” in 2011. Showered with praise from publications like Groove and Partysan, their mid-tempo house and sometimes dreamy but always four to the floor trademark sound mesmerized audiences during their electrifying live performances. As an expression of their versatility, they had their album remixed by over 30 esteemed artists in 2012. They embarked on a thrilling tour, captivating audiences with their magnetic stage presence at renowned festivals across the globe. In 2015, their second album, “Connected,” solidified their bond with fans and earned them accolades as the foremost “live act” from German magazine readers. AKA AKA persisted in their collaborative pursuits, breathing new life into cherished tracks through fresh remixes. Their success transcended original productions, as they engaged in notable collaborations and delivered chart-topping tracks. Their single “Need You,” featuring Maxiz on Warner Music, and their collective efforts with YouNotUs and Junge Junge with the tracks “Like a Punk” and “Vallut Bass” amassed tens of millions of streams, firmly establishing their position as an influential force in the electronic music scene with a strong following on the various social platforms.

In 2023, AKA AKA launched their new label, WHATS POPPIN, dedicated to releasing bass-heavy house music. Every release under the label has garnered recognition, with Beatport featuring their tracks prominently through introductions and banners, consistently charting within the top30 and top3 of their respective genre. Their track “Let Me Show You,” a cover of the 90s house music hit by Camisra, achieved remarkable success, reaching the top 100 of Beatport’s main charts and climbing to the number one position on Apple iTunes Electronic Germany chart. Additionally, it was voted the number one track of the week by listeners of Germany’s largest electronic music radio station, Sunshine Live and gained support by global players like Alok, Wade and Claptone.

AKA AKA’s extraordinary journey persists, fueled by an unwavering commitment to excellence. Their unwavering trust in each other, enduring friendship, and insatiable thirst for musical growth promise a captivating and ever-evolving experience for their global audience.