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Paul Almqvist


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Wednesday (1st) 21:00 22:00


Born in the 80s in an east-german city close to Dresden, Paul discovered already in his early days, that music is something big in his life.
It started with listening 80s synth-pop through the headphones of his dad.
In 2005, after his first contacts to the punkrock-scene, he started buying eletronic music on vinyl in the local record-store and started the journey of mixing them.
In 2008 he moved to Zwickau, another east-german city.
There he joined the Electric Kisses crew and played almost every weekend in local clubs.
2012 he became a resident at the Sunrise Openair Zwickau.
In the beginning of 2014 he decided to move to Switzerland. Looking back at his gig at one of the streetparade-mainstages in 2017, a booking for the first Elrow Zürich and his residency in the Club Bellevue, it was not a bad choice to move to Zurich.