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Matchy is back on Katermukke and continues his successful patch on the label over the last years with tracks like Irreversible, Bodytalk or High on Emotions.

Dingir ties in with the usual Matchy sound on Katermukke: a driving bassline, his signature catchy main melody, funky percussions and lots of emotions – depicted by Matchy himself as “happy melancholy”.

The word “Dingir” describes something divine. In this sense the track evolves up to a silent, mystic break with big chords. Yet building up again to unfold the main melody’s full potential, finally dropping into a state of ecstasy.

Dingir is a Melodic House track with Indie Dance influences, whereas Tardis takes a darker, more progressive approach. Tardis sounds like a well-oiled machine that takes the listener on a journey through space, time and dimensions.