Brazilian duo Bruce Leroys work with One Line To An Angle for a brilliant new single on Get Physical that comes boosted by remixes from Ninetoes and Bruce Leroys themselves.

Diogo Vaille and Marcelo Abreu have put out their wares on Yoshitoshi and Parquet after a long and storied history of playing back home. Now with a wider reputation for their warm, organic sounds, they are known for drawing on disco, funk, garage and hip hop to cook up their compelling house music.

Their stunning single in collaboration with One Line To an Angle is ‘Cassette Tape’, a dark, mid- tempo house track with spoken word vocals that are complex and compelling. The swaying drums are run through with smeared bass and a trippy synth unfolds up top with an intoxicating life of its own, and the whole effect is majestically hypnotic as well as perfectly original.

Remixing is Ninetoes, a Moon Harbour associate and key member of the wider underground tech house scene who always embodies a fresh sound that evolves with each new release. His version is more driving and chunky, with warm drums drawing you in as watery synths bring colour, fluidity and charm.
Last of all, Bruce serve up a radio version that sounds like an improvised and live rework with live drums, drawn out synths and a slowed down groove that pulls you in ever deeper.

This is a perfectly formed new package of brilliantly unusual house grooves from Get Physical.