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Matthias Meyer – Interlude

Matthias Meyer contributes to the fourth installment of the much-loved ‘Watergate Affairs’ series.
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Initiated in 2016, the series assembles a collection of top-quality tracks that otherwise could not fit into Watergate’s busy release schedule, such is the strong pool of music the label draws from.

Emerging Dutch producer Budakid joins the label with ‘Orrery’, after previously making an impact with cuts on Last Night On Earth, Einmusika, and Lost & Found. The track’s dreamy soundscapes and otherworldly energy make for a transcendental mood maker. Matthias Meyer is suitably superb with ‘Interlude’, as delicate strings and a muffled melody line gently wash against a shore of sparse beats. Henri Bergmann & Julian Wassermann link for ‘Maenad’, as punchy grooves, bring the EP into the peak-time territory as a multi-layered chord pattern hits with a satisfying headrush. Danish artist Nandu rounds out the package with ‘My Mystery Is A Mystery’. It’s the kind of succulent end-of-nighter every set needs as uplifting pads, stirring keys, and a buttery bassline glide together in sweet unison.

A1 Budakid – Orrery
A2 Matthias Meyer – Interlude
B1 Henri Bermann & Julian Wassermann – Maenad
B2 Nandu – My Misery is a Mystery

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